Box Office Suffers Worst Weekend in 16 Years!

What did you do last weekend?  Chances are, something other than going to the movies.

Turns out, basically all of America had the same idea because the box office suffered its worst performance since 2001.  Yes, a 16-year-low.  If you combined all the money every movie in theaters grossed, you would only get $65 million.

The Hitman's Bodyguard earned about $10.1, making it the top movie last weekend.  But, it wasn't enough to keep the box office from coming to a screeching halt.

People say the reason no one's going to theaters anymore is because it doesn't take that long for the DVD or Blu-Ray to come out. Also, a lot of critics called the summer blockbuster season "uninspired" due to sequels and spinoffs dominating the lineup.

Either way, the movie industry is in big trouble if movie theaters continue to tank.  Do you think the box office can be saved?