Rachel Platten Covers 'Golden Girls' Theme for My Little Pony Movie

Add another Star 99.9 favorite to the new My Little Pony Movie soundtrack!  But this song is totally nostalgic!

Rachel Platten sings "Thanks You for Being a Friend," for the new MLP movie, which is slated to hit theaters early next month.  I wonder if Betty White gave her blessing to this song... or if she even has a cameo in the movie.

It's definitely possible considering the star power already involved in this project, from Emily Blunt to Sia.  Heck, the film roped in Broadway legend Kristen Chenoweth for a relatively big role, too!  Liev Schreiber is also part of the fun.

On the album side, bands like Lukas Graham and DNCE also contributed songs. But, Rachel Platten's is certainly gaining the most buzz.

So, what do you think of this cover? Good, bad, indifferent?  Also, do you think any of these songs could be nominated for an Oscar?? Let me know in the comments!