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 One Direction- Night Changes

Everyone’s favorite British boy band has released their second single off their fourth album, four, and it lives up to every 1D fans dreams’. Night Changes is a romantic pop song that you would probably have a slow dance to at a school’s spring formal. It just has that awesome boy band formula: great voices, cute lyrics, and the sweetest music video you’ve ever seen. Seriously, I thought I was back in middle school when I watched the video. Just made me nostalgic of all the nerdy school girl crushes I used to have.



By the way- the music video is shot as if the members of One Direction are singing to you. Swooooon!



Sam Smith- Lay Me Down

Another powerful ballad from Grammy Award winning Sam Smith. This one just blows me away though. It’s so emotional and so meaningful. If you need a wedding song, or just a song for your loving relationship, THIS is the one! It also reminded me so much of Adele; an incredible voice singing completely vulnerable lyrics. If you need some stress release, go into a small room and scream/sing this song. You’ll feel so much better. ( ha ha). 

Sam Smith is on fire and for a good reason- his talent is immeasurable and every song he comes out with next just makes us all stop and listen. That is a good artist, in my opinion. 

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