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Trending this Week: Mumford and Sons & Nate Ruess
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Mumford and Sons- Believe


First of all- YAY! Mumford and Sons are back! And with a slightly different sound-less string band/folk and more melodic rock. That’s what it seems like at least when you listen to their new song, Believe. It is the first single off of their upcoming album due out in May, called Wilder Mind.


Mumford and Sons took a break back in 2012 after their immensely popular album, Babel, won several awards at the Grammys and was number one in numerous countries. It was a well deserved hiatus, and you can tell they took the time to focus on their future artistic path.


The thing I like most about this new song? It sounds like a beautiful story. There are many different elements in the song and it builds toward a climax. Very dynamic, with a lot of things going on at once, but also calm, consistent, and clean. Like a musical river. 




Nate Reuss- Nothing Without Love


When you listen to this song, you think, “Oh, that voice sounds SO familiar!”. That’s because you have heard Nate Reuss sing many times before. He is the lead singer of the band FUN., which gave us the hits: Carry On, We Are Young, & Some Nights. He’s also on that song with Pink, Just Give Me a Reason. Nate’s voice and musical stylings are already an established force in the pop music industry, and now we get to hear what he can do on his own.


This is Nate’s first solo project, but it still has that FUN. style. A bit of drama and relatable, meaningful lyrics all wrapped up with a catchy pop beat. It’s also different in the sense that Nate proves he can rock a ballad. I’ve never really heard him sing so powerfully and I’m glad he “let it all out” for his first solo song. 

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