Trending this Week: Naked Adam Levine & an Indie Pop Hit!

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt - Maroon 5

The first thing I heard about this song was that Adam Levine  is naked in the music video. The 2nd thing I heard about this song was that Adam Levine is naked in the music video. So i guess this is a good time to mention the music video below is NSFW (not safe for work). Besides that fact that Adam Levine’s butt is now representing this song, it really is just a perfect hit for the summer. It also sounds a lot different compared to the rest of the singles from their album V. It has a more rock edge to it. Honestly, I don’t know what Maroon 5 means by “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”, but hey, it’s a catchy song, it’s a definite summer hit, and did I mention Adam Levine is naked in the music video?


Cecilia and the Satellite- Andrew in the Wilderness

Not much is known yet about indie pop rock artist Andrew in the Wilderness, but his debut single, Cecilia and the Satellite, is a good start to get to know him. The song is just so interesting, in a very good way. It’s upbeat, relaxing, beautiful, edgy, dramatic, and hypnotizing all at the same time. That may sound overwhelming, but it flows together very well. Imagine if American Authors teamed up with Lana Del Rey and Daft Punk produced, then this song would be the one to come out of that.“Cecilia and the Satellite” was released last summer and is starting to get noticed a lot now. It even made it onto the Billboard Top 200 chart. It’s also a perfect song to use for a movie or commercial- it just has that “sound”. You need to listen. The music video is very cool too: