Trending this Week: New Ed Sheeran & Kelly Clarkson

Ed Sheehan- Photograph


It’s no surprise that Ed Sheeran has come out with another romantic song, that’s kind of his forte, and he’s very good at it, but this one has a soulful maturity that puts it a part from the rest of his love tunes. Photograph has been described by critics as “hauntingly beautiful” and “balladry”. It is the latest single off his immensely popular album, X (multiply), which came out in 2014.


What made the song so popular so fast is the music video. It features home videos of Ed as a child and oh my goodness, what a cute little red-headed boy. The video racked up 1 million views in just 24 hours. If you love Ed Sheeran, or you just like a nice acoustic love song, then you’ll enjoy Photograph.



Kelly Clarkson-  Invincible


What else is there to say about the original American Idol other than her voice is one in a million. I have always been blown away by Kelly’s vocal capabilities since day one and Invincible reinforces the massive respect I have for her musical talents. It’s not like her first single, “Heartbeat Song” at all. It’s a powerful ballad with a beautiful melody. It’s not your traditional pop song because of it’s depth but Kelly is one of those singers that can have an emotional range with her fanbase. Also, Kelly is a resilient person who has always been very outspoken about accepting herself and not letting negativity affect her. “Invincible” is a perfect song for her and her fans.