Trending This Week: Love From the Men!

Locked Away - R. City & Adam Levine


Adam Levine has stepped away from Maroon 5 (for a short moment) and teamed up with a very successful Caribbean singer-songwriter duo called R. City (or Rock City, sometimes). You may already know about these guys- they have written a TON of popular songs: Sean Kingston’s “Take You There”, “When I Grow Up” from the Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna’s “Pour it Up”, and Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop”; that's just to name a few, too. Theron and Timonthy are two brothers from the U.S. Virgin Islands and they have a very distinctive sound that is definitely Caribbean inspired.


I think that’s what makes “Locked Away” a great song. Adam Levine is amazing on the vocals and the beat of the song is this funky-pop Island sound. Just a very cool hit and it’s currently in the top 10 on the Pop Charts!



Hold Each Other - A Great Big World 


We’re used to hearing the slow, melancholy song from A Great Big World called “Say Something”, but now we get to hear the romantic side of Ian and Chad. “Hold Each Other” is a celebration of love and it’s even more significant for Chad. He calls it his “coming out song”. During the process of writing the lyrics, Ian asked Chad how he could honestly sing about loving a woman when it wasn’t his true self. So they changed the lyrics to represent themselves more clearly and Chad is hoping this will cause a change in the music industry that love has more than one dimension. 


Besides the fact that the song is somewhat of a sentimental statement, it also is just another musical masterpiece from A Great Big World. It’s amazing that two people can create such a rich sound, and further proves just how talented Ian and Chad really are!