Trending This Week: Electronic & Alternative

Lean On- Major Lazer & DJ Snake 


If you haven’t heard this song in the past three months then you HAVE to be living under a rock (kidding!). But seriously, this song was played so much everywhere and that’s rare to say for an electronic dance music song. Lean On made “EDC” mainstream, so much so, that this song was a number one hit in over 15 countries. Some people called it the “global hit of the summer”. I have to agree with that!


Major Lazer has been around for awhile but has never had any real Top 40 success…until now. They are an electornic music group created by producer Diplo (Katy Perry's ex boyfriend). Lean On is off their 3rd album called Peace is the Mission and I think what makes the song is the vocals. Major Lazer recruited Danish singer MO for the song and she has a really cool and unique voice. The music video is awesome too. They shot it in India while on tour and it’s a very beautiful video. 




Different Colors - Walk the Moon


You know the band who sings the “Shut Up and Dance” song?  Well, this is them and “Different Colors” is the next song you will soon become obsessed with. The song was released back in May and is already growing in popularity. I think this has a lot to do with the actual band Walk the Moon. There is a huge buzz around them and they sold out most dates on their summer tour. People are just really into them, and for good reason- they are REALLY talented!


If you happened to watch the pre-show for the MTV Video Music Awards, then you may have caught Walk the Moon perform “Different Colors” there. It’s also featured in a Pepsi commercial. I have a feeling this song is just going to blow up like “Shut Up and Dance”.