Trending This Week: The Kids Are Alright

New Americana - Halsey 


It’s hard to believe that Halsey, real name Ashely Nicolette Frangipane, is only 21 years old. I have been hearing hype about this singer for an entire year, and now I know why. She rocks. Her music strikes me as a mix of a young Lorde, with a dash of Katy Perry pop, and a hint of an influence by 90’s rocker Alanis Morrisette. She’s just really… cool. There’s no other way to describe her besides that simple statement.


“New Americana” is her debut single off her album Badlands and it’s super catchy, but also a little bit racy. New Americana keeps rising on the charts too- it’s currently in the top 20 on the Alternative Billboard chart. Halsey is also an East Coast native. She grew up in New Jersey, right outside of NYC. If you love a strong rocker chick, then check her out:



Sorry - Justin Bieber


Everything is going to be okay. You are allowed to like Justin Bieber, because Justin Bieber is making some pretty good music. “Sorry” is the 2nd single off his comeback album, Purpose, and it’s probably the best song i’ve heard Justin come out with. If you remember the summer hit, “Where Are You Now”, then you will probably recognize that the songs have some similarities- that’s because they are both produced by the same person- Electronic music DJ/producer Skrillex. 


Sorry has such a cool sound too- very unique. It is a blend of 2 genre’s of music- electronic dance and tropical house. It makes me feel like I am in a late night beach bar in the Dominican Republic. 


Other people are really digging it too- the song is currently #1 in over 12 countries. Take a deep breath, have a listen, and remember: it’s okay to like Justin Bieber (he makes the catchiest songs!).