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Better Place - Rachel Platten

The music video for this song is so so touching and soothing.

Rachel Platten's third single is sure to be another major hit,  "Better Place" takes notes from "Stand By You" and "Fight Song" by its powerfully inspirational lyrics and the deep emotion behind every word.

 Also the music video?  Can we talk abuot that and how many tissues I needed to stop my mascara running down my face?




Wherever I Go- OneRepublic

OneRepublic had a big run a few years ago with their huge hit Counting Stars. Ryan Tedder the band’s lead singer is also one of the most sought after record producers in the music world. Once he finished writing and producing for a bunch of other artists he got back in the studio with OneRepublic to make a new album.

This is the new single called Wherever I Go. It will be on their new album which comes out later this year. Ryan Tedder says the high notes and range of his voice on the song was inspired by his love for Prince.


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