Music You Should Know: Going out of Your Comfort Zone

Driven by Stamford Ford Lincoln

Both artists say these songs challenged them in very different ways.


Coldplay Ft. Beyonce - Hymn For The Weekend

This song caused a major stir on social media for two very different reason.  One: Beyonce!  A match made in heaven!  Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says the song was originally called "Drinks on Me," which is about a guy so drunk he buys everyone in the bar drinks.   After some serious retooling, the melody slowly transformed into "drink from me," since the band felt the line wasn't quite right.

The chorus needed something special to really make the song pop, to which the band tried to find an angelic voice to sing it.  Obviously, that meant Beyonce. 

Second reason: The music video sparked serious debate over whether this video encouraged cultural appropriation of Indian traditions, or if the band was admiring another culture's tradition.  The debate rages to this day



 Igrid Michaelson - Hell No

A Michael's Jewelers' Acoustic Session alum! Ingrid is the best. Girls Chase Boys was her biggest hit to date. This new song “Hell No” is super catchy and has potential to be as big if not bigger than Girls Chase Boys. 

 Another fun fact about Ingrid is she is obsessed with Snapchat. Mostly with the fun Snapchat lenses and filters. To the point that the entire music video for Hell No was made all using her Snapchat!



Driven by Stamford Ford Lincoln