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Music You Should Know: More Summer Hits!
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These songs know how to make you wanna dance!


Calvin Harris Ft. Rihanna - This Is What You Came For

Calvin Harris has dove head first into this song following his breakup with Taylor Swift.  He's been spending every waking moment promoting this song and its music video on his social media accounts. It didn't fail to disappoint!

Featuring the ever-sultry Rihanna, the catchy beat quickly turns hypnotic.  It's no wonder this song shot to #1 on the Billboard dance charts and to #5 on the Billboard hot 100, making it Rihanna's 28th top ten hit and Calvin's fourth.  Rihanna's star power is guaranteed to make any song she touches a winner.

Strange to think that Calvin dreaded showing Rihanna the final version.  He says he tweaked her vocals a little too much and feared that she would hate it.  Considering this is the 2nd time they've worked together, there's no question that Rihanna would have loved it.



Simple Plan -  Singing in the Rain

No, this song isn't homage to the blockbuster 1952 musical!  Simple Plan does take us back in time for this one in more ways than one.

The Canadian band wanted to create a Disney-esque sing-along jam for our summer months, and boy did they deliver!  It's the band’s third single off their fifth studio album “Taking One For The Team.”  They team up with R. City to deliver such a fantastic summer smash.

Of course, they channel pop and reggae beats that dominated the airwaves when our parents were our age, and the music video takes us all the way back to 1964 when boybands started to really heat up in the US and spoofs the rise and fall of a one-hit-wonder group.



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