Music You Should Know - Self-Confidence Is Sexy

When in doubt, sing it out!

Katy Perry - Rise

With the Opening Ceremony of Rio 2016 happening at the end of the week,let's psych ourselves up by BLASTING the official anthem of the summer olympics. 

Katy Perry hasn't released new music in over two years, but the wait was totally worth it!  Rise is sure to be everyone's favorite new workout tune.  I mean, it already was a hit at the DNC.


Simple Plan -  Singing in the Rain

No, this song isn't homage to the blockbuster 1952 musical!  Simple Plan does take us back in time for this one in more ways than one.

The Canadian band wanted to create a Disney-esque sing-along jam for our summer months, and boy did they deliver!  It's the band’s third single off their fifth studio album “Taking One For The Team.”  They team up with R. City to deliver such a fantastic summer smash.

Of course, they channel pop and reggae beats that dominated the airwaves when our parents were our age, and the music video takes us all the way back to 1964 when boybands started to really heat up in the US and spoofs the rise and fall of a one-hit-wonder group.