Music You Should Know - A New Guy And an Old Favorite!

Say hello to Wrabel!

Wrabel - 11 Blocks

His bestie, Kesha, is all about this song.  As soon as Wrabel released it, she went into full-on marketing mode!


This is an artist and a human being I believe in so much. hes such a beautiful spirit and his emotions are as deep as the ocean. his voice is like an angel and he's actually, literally made me pee my pants on multiple occasions. Please please please buy his single THIS FRIDAY, not for me, not for him, but for you. His music is so honest and brutally beautiful. He's my favorite new artist. I've had this single on repeat for the last 6 months. It's breathtaking. Animals, it's a scary world out there for a new artist so please use all of your super human strength to call and request it everywhere because he's amazing and he's worked really really hard for this 🙏🙏🙏 now, enjoy the genius of @wrabel first single - 11 Blocks

A video posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) onJun 22, 2016 at 8:51pm PDT



Wrabel may be a new artist, but he's been a part of the music scene for a while.  He dropped out of Berklee to pursue songwriting full-time.  He was signed to Pulse Recording when he moved to LA: his first big break.  In 2012, he then signed with Island Def Jam/

Afrojack's international hit "Ten Feet Tall" was written by Wrable, which included his piano playing and vocals.



Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber) - Cold Water

From the second this song dropped, it's been a major force in the music world.  It's already a top streamed song and, also, one of the most requested/shazamed.  It was also last week's best selling song!  It is Major Lazer's first #1 on the sales charts.

Currently, it's at #2 on the Billboard 100.

Major Lazer is known for turning everything they touch into gold, as evidence by their smash-hit "Lean On" which still earns plenty of air time today.  "Cold Water," which features Justin Bieber, may become an even bigger song. It already is charting higher than "Lean On" and could go to #1 this week!