Music You Should Know: We're Not "Normal"

Will their followup singles be just as good as their debut?


Twenty One Pilots - Heathens

This song gained so much buzz due to "Suicide Squad" that people were too excited to hear it... to the point that the song was leaked way early of its release date.  There's good reason why everyone was so excited to hear this song... it's awesome!

So awesome, in fact, it helped Twenty One Pilots make music history!  They are tfirst alternative number to have two concurrent hits within the Billboard Hot 100 charts.  Not only that, TWP's previous new song "Ride" was #1 on the charts... and then replaced by "Heathens."  Before that, "Ride" replaced "Stressed Out," which means this band has replaced itself quite a bit in the following months.



Daya - Sit Still Look Pretty

Daya thinks its so stupid that women are stereotyped as always fussing about their looks, wearing dresses, and being submissive.  This song picks up right where her first single "Hide Away" left off.  The first was about not how all good girls want a bad boy and "Sit Still Look Pretty" is fighting back about the stereotype that all girls are dolls - meant to be seen and not heard.

For a 17-year-old to be tackling such a major issue, more props to her!