Music You Should Know - BRUNO MARS IS BACK!!

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Stop the presses.  This is not  a drill.  This is all we're gonna talk about for the next 24 hours.


Bruno Mars - 24k Magic

Keep calm and Bruno Mars on!  It feels like it's been YEARS since we've last seen something from Bruno Mars... oh wait, we have.  The last we heard from him was with Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," which came out in 2014.  However, it's been a solid four years since Bruno came out with any new music of his own.  It's odd to believe considering he totally wowed us two years ago at the Super Bowl halftime show.  However, maybe that inspired him to work a little bit harder on his new album.

And we are certainly not disappointed, either.  24k Magic!  incorporates some of the most well-loved themes that were popular in 90's music, yet still manages to totally reinvent them.  He explained to Beats 1 Magazine, "It’s what we want to bring to the table musically. You hear these ’90s influences on the whole album, really, but ’24K Magic’ is because of West Coast hip-hop: Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Suga was at a time when it was okay to party, to be flashy, to get on the dance floor."



Driven by Napoli Motors