Music You Should Know - The Vocal Powerhouses Are Back!

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These ladies make singing look EASY...


Sia / Kendrick Lamar - The Greatest

Just when you think Sia can't produce another hit single off her album "This Is Acting," she proves us wrong.  The Greatest might be her greatest song yet with its catchy beat and inspiring lyrics about never giving up.  Paired with Kendrick Lamar's lyrical and whimsical freestyling, the song is a definite earworm.

What made The Greatest one of the most influential songs of 2016 was its allusion to the Orlando shooting, where 49 members of the LGBT community were gunned down at, what should have been, their sanctuary.  What made the music video so powerful was its quiet tributes to being free, laughing, and dancing... to have that suddenly ripped away in one violent act.



Ariana Grande - Side to Side

This girl has PIPES.  Is there anything this girl can't do?  Ariana Grande takes on reggae pop and dominates it with her new smash hit "Side to Side."  Although the song is talking about an extremely mature topic, people tend to get too lost in its rhythmic beat to even care.

Considered one of the best songs of 2016, Ariana Grande seamlessly glides through two octaves throughout the song - a feat not seen too much in modern music.  Good to see a girl with a crazy vocal range back on the music charts!


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