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Sometimes you need talent that breaks the mold...


Alessia Cara - Scars to Your Beautiful

Not only is she singing one heck of a song from Disney's new animated feature, Moana, Alessia Cara is ready to take on the world.  Her first song, "Here" amassed a huge following because it was so relateable and cheeky.  Now with her followup single, "Scars to Your Beautiful," people are recognizing that she's more than a sarcastic girl.  She has a lot to say and wants to say it as passionately as possible.

When asked what the song meant, she responded, "Basically, that song is about body image. It's directed at women, but I think men can relate to it as well. It's just a song about these things that certain women go through on a daily basis in order to feel loved or in order to love themselves. I think that's such a thing that goes on in today's world. These weird things are instilled in us. You know? That tell us that we’re not good enough or that there's only one kind of beauty. This song basically is contradicting that idea."



gnash & Olivia O'Brien - I Hate u, I Love u

Written by 17-year-old Olivia O'Brien, her song "I Hate u, I Love u," became an overnight sensation when she paired up with gnash for their collaboration.  These two have worked before, though.  She helped him with one of his earlier tracks, "Disposable."

But the way these two explore the complicated feelings after a messy breakup really resonated with listeners.  That's how it was able to survive a flurry of negative reviews who didn't enjoy the somber tone.  Still, it's not easy finding a song that you can perfectly relate to, so I guarantee you this song is sticking around for the long haul.


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