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The musings of the heart make powerful music material


Taylor Swift / ZAYN - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Just when you think Niall Horan upstaged ZAYN and Kim Kardashian ended Taylor Swift, the two bounced back stronger than ever.  Joining forces for the obvious smash hit "50 Shades Darker" - the two turned heartache and passion into a whirlwind single that is as breathless as it is sexy.

Love how Taylor does something completely different with her voice, too.  She never really explores her sexy side in music, and tends to embrace a more girlish vibe - especially singing about love.  Save for her song "Wildest Dreams," Taylor takes on a totally new breathy sound that really works for her.  Wondering if this is a new direction she's ready to take her music...

As for ZAYN, you keep doing you.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Who wants to bet this song goes platinum before 2017?



Rihanna – Love On The Brain

How this song wasn't bigger than "Work" is beyond me.  Rihanna absolutely KILLS it when she embraces her soulful side. Plus, Rihanna does something totally new here - she throws it back to the 50's for some doo wop.  I am all for bringing back 50's music by the way.

Rihanna's vocal work here is compared to the genius Amy Winehouse... to which I say YES.  Whenever she performed this song during her ANTI world tour, fans would say she was totally channeling the late singer.  It pairs well with the lyrics, once you give them a good hard listen.  The song is about a dark and highly addicting romance.  Many say this song is a subtle jab at Riri's ex, Chris Brown, due to the song's allusions to physical abuse.

if it is, it's no wonder why she becomes emotional when performing it and transforms into someone else.  This song is on fire, literally.


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