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Music You Should Know - Two Newcomers!
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The music industry has added new blood and these guys are incredible!


Calum Scott - Dancing on My Own

Another British beauty is gracing our airwaves this week on Star 99.9.  Calum Scott gained international fame for earning Simon Cowell's GOLDEN BUZZER on Britain's Got Talent in 2015.  He gained huge international fame with his cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own."  The song has nearly 100 MILLION hits on YouTube.

That cover went to #2 in the UK and Australia and now... it's ready to take America by STORM.

 I mean, have you seen his performance at the BRIT awards?  This guy is gonna be HUGE.


Judah & The Lion – Take It All Back

If you're huge into the Alternate Radio scene, then you are well aware of these boys from Nashville.  If not, you're in for a REAL treat.  These guys are on pace to become the breakout band of 2017, which is awesome considering we are just a little halfway over January. But, it's not just any band Twenty One Pilots will pick as their opening act.  And, yeah, these guys are currently on tour with one of radio's biggest artists. 

Plus, these guys are super thankful of their fans and treat them like family.  In the music world, that goes a long way.  Fans are a band's lifeblood and if you treat them right, they will carry you through your music career.  Just saying.  Justin Bieber is starting to treat his fans like the poop emoji and look what's happening to him!

Judah & the Lion drummer Spencer Cross dished on why their new song is such an earworm:

"I think "Take It All Back" is charming for a couple reasons, but I'm biased. First, it's unique instrumentally. How many songs have you heard lately that have banjo, mandolin and electronic drums and synth bass? Second, I think a part of it is the live feel of the song. We tracked the song live as a band and the crowd you hear is from a show we did in Judah's hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee. We recorded the crowd singing on our iPhones and put it straight on the track. These things help to give the listener an idea of the energy we try to bring to our live shows every night."



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