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Music You Should Know - A New Guy and an Old Favorite
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Takes a lot of courage to shoot your music video inside a volcano


The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming

The dynamic duo is back.  Just like what Daft Punk and The Weeknd did with "Starboy," they are out with a song that infuses Michael Jackson and future love sounds.  You heard me.  Love Sounds.  Hey, with Valentine's Day coming up - this is bound to be a major makeout song.  Which is exactly what The Weeknd was hoping for.

So, remember his early music and how melancholic it was?  Well, now that he's chopped off all that crazy hair, he says that's the reason why his music is sounding more confident and sultry.  He says once he hacked off that ponytail, he could sleep better AND wear caps.  He loves wearing hats.  Just as much as he likes to dodge paparazzi.  He says all he needs is glasses and a cap and no one recognizes him.

You can win tickets to see him at Mohegan Sun on June 2nd HERE



Kaleo - Way Down We Go

These guys are all the way from Iceland!  So not only are they super cool... they're also super hot.  It's definitely working for them because they are taking the music industry by storm.  For a relatively new band, producers and labels have been begging to sign with these guys.

These guys played music as a hobby, which is wild to think about.  They used to cover songs until, back in 2012, they decided to put out something original.  Their debut single "All the Pretty Girls" got music execs attentions and, soon enough, they were booked for South by Southwest in Texas.  Then, things exploded.

Their music video for their song "Way Down We Go" went viral because it was shot in an actual volcano.  They did something no artist has done before, which is kinda neat when you think about it.

Here's what Julius Son had to say about that:

"That was a fun experience [...] And it turned out to be quite more of a task then we realized. ... I think it took like 26 hours to get all the gear down there, shoot the video and get everyone out. And thankfully everyone was super helpful and they made it work. And, you know, obviously the volcano, the acoustics from there, that was ... that was special."

 They're coming to Mohegan Sun on March 16th


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