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Music You Should Know - Never Give Up!
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No one helped them reach success... they did that on their own!


The Chainsmokers - Paris

The Chainsmokers got their big break through hard work and passion.  Alex Pall and Drew Taggart's parents aren't some ultra Hollywood elites with a bazillion connections.  They weren't even wealthy!  So, they only had each other to depend on, which paid off ten-fold.

Now, one of the biggest EDM duos in the history of ever, it's hard to think we'd still hear of The Chainsmokers after begging radios around the world to stop playing "#Selfie" back in 2013.  With massive hits like "Roses" and "Don't Let Me Down" under their belt... with "Closer smashing records left and right,  The Chainsmokers are back with their next earworm... "Paris."

Paris, as Alex explained, was a song dedicated to one of their friends who lost his mind "a little bit."  Alex went on to say that when speaking to this friend, only that friend would think absolutely nothing was wrong  with the conversation.  So, one night after a show in Sweden, Alex and Drew tried writing a song from that friend's perspective.  Soon enough, "Paris" was born at 5am in the morning.

Warning: all it takes for you to hear this song once for it to be completely stuck in your head.



Starley - Call on Me

If you ever need a music star to look up to, let Starley be the one.  Like The Chainsmokers, Starley's parents also aren't connected to the music scene or are uber wealthy.  In fact, Starley's dad installs Venetian blinds for a living. 

Starley has always wanted to get into music and, bravely, moved to London from Sydney, Australia, to pursue her dream.   She was about 11-years-old... which is CRAZY!  Unfortunately, it didn't wind up as she had hoped and she moved back home with her tail between her legs.  She admits that she nearly gave up on music all together, but a part of her just wouldn't let that dream die.

So, she installed blinds with her dad by day and wrote music by night - kinda like a rad passionate super hero.  She told AAP

"I was almost about to give up but then I wrote Call On Me and I realised I probably needed to be singing my own songs all along."

The song became an instant hit and, now, she's a worldwide sensation... just like The Chainsmokers!




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