Music You Should Know: Teasing The Next Album

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We're hyped for Ruth B.'s debut album and Maroon 5's long-awaited 6th studio album!


Ruth B. - Superficial Love

Ruth B. has taken a step back from her slow and melancholy debut single "Lost Boy" to bring us a feisty new anthem for being loved for all the right reasons.  Still keeping her music fresh with her confident piano skills and deep lyrics, Ruth explores being hit on by someone who only likes her for what they see on the surface.

Duh, Ruth is STUNNING. She's probably had a lot of people begging for her to go out with them because of her looks alone.  And she wants NONE of that. In this song, she is searching for a relationship that is more than just skin-deep.  She wants someone who is also looking for the whole package.

She also encourages listeners to admit they're far from perfect and that it's okay to want someone who will embrace them, flaws and all.  Besides, she warns what happens when a relationship is missing that.

'Cause I want authentic, not just for fun
If this love is plastic, it'll break on us
'Cause I don't want it if it's fake
I don't want it if it's just for show
I just want it if it's real and I'm thinking I should let you know

And, what's so brilliant about this song is that, in a way, she can be talking about self-love.  Nothing is more damaging than loving just a part of yourself and not embracing everything that makes you... you.   Besides, if you want someone to treat you like an empress, you better start with yourself. 

 Don't miss her at the next Star 99.9 Michael's Jeweler's Acoustic Session!  Keep listening to win tickets for her show coming up next Wednesday!


Maroon 5 - Cold

Is this song really about two people growing apart... or is Maroon 5 singing about their departure from pop music after "Sugar," which was the ULTIMATE pop song.  Either way, "Cold" is just as, if not more, catchy than "Sugar."  It's got a constant beat and vocals, with smaller musical interludes.

Plus, it features one of the biggest names in hip hop: Future.  Considering how they teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for "Don't Wanna Know," it makes one wonder if Maroon 5 is considering dabbling in hip hop/dance.



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