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Music You Should Know - Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone
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Pink, Sia, Coldplay, and the Chainsmokers have teamed up for two EPIC songs!


Imagine Dragons - Believer

I feel like we've been waiting for this song forEVER.  Imagine Dragons have been on a hiatus for a bit as they dabbled in writing new music and coming out with their next album.  All of which, I may add, were kept tightly under wraps.  Fans only had rumors to live off of to find out when their beloved band was going to return.

And, without warning, Imagine Dragons dropped "Believer" without any word of warning. 

Frontman Dan Reynolds explained to why the band just dropped "Believer" out of the blue.

"When we're in the studio we never know when something's gonna be completed. Could be completed in a year, a week, a month, it's hard to have deadlines. We've always had a hard time with that. We didn't know if the single would be ready or what the single would be and then we finished Believer and we knew that this just had to be the song and we had to get it out there. And, we'd been working on the record for a while so we knew the album was pretty close to being done. So the timing just seemed right."

Also, when speaking about how the song sounds so different than anything they done before, Dan was very coy with his answer.

"I think it’s definitely indicative of the sound to come in some regards but there’s definitely some different sonic things going on in the record. I mean, we get bored really easily and we never wanted to create a record where every song sounds the same. But on the same note, we’ve tried to find a little more cohesion to our sound. “Believer” to me, is the first song I’ve ever written in my career that I could stand back and say, that is only Imagine Dragons—that comes from a place that is really authentic to us, it’s very percussive, it has the urban qualities that I’ve always latched onto but it also sounds strange and kind of grand. I feel like it was the right place to start with this record."


Stargate ft. P!nk & Sia - Waterfall

This is a match made in music heaven!  P!nk and Sia are arguably some of the greatest vocal powerhouses out there.  For these two successful ladies to join forces in a new  song, you know it's gonna bring down the house.   In addition, Stargate is one of those unsung heroes in the music industry because they have written a swath of #1 songs that we know and love.

They helped Sia write Rihanna's "Diamonds."   They also wrote Rihanna's "Unfaithful," "Rude Boy," "Only Girl," and "Don't Stop the Music." 

In short, these people helped Rihanna become the queen of the music industry.  Now, they're using their talents to bolster Sia and P!nk into new territory.  I mean, these women are praised for their own songwriting chops... so combining all three into one song that's pretty much on course for being the song of the summer... this song is gonna be everywhere for a while.  And we don't mind!



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