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Pink, Sia, Coldplay, and the Chainsmokers have teamed up for two EPIC songs!


Gavin Degraw - Making Love With The Radio On

First of all... WOW.  What a song name.  2nd of all, hey!  It's our buddy, Gavin Degraw!  He's out with a new album, Something Worth Saving, which he's incredibly proud of.  Honestly, so are we!  Gavin has always been a unique voice on the radio with his insanely clever lyrics and piercing voice that grabs your attention.  Now, he's out with a new single with a sultry title: Making Love with the Radio On.

While he had the help of some major industry power to write some of his songs on the new album, he wrote this song entirely by himself.  Honestly, this is probably the MOST Gavin Degraw sounding song of his career... and he agrees!

"The song has so much variety and care. There’s so much “feel good” to it and so much Americana—it’s flavorful and happy. It just brings me joy when I sing that song and when I hear it. It’s hitting a lot of little marks, that for me made me happy. It has a little element of reggae in it, a little R&B, a little country, a lot of pop. It just sounds like American music."

But the rest of his new album is a total experience.  As for what that means, let's let Gavin explain:

"There’s so much autobiographical material on this record. Man, some of it, people won’t even know how autobiographical it is. And that’s one of the things I’m excited about it. It’s not like there’s a hidden track, but there’s so much hidden meaning throughout the record, that I’m excited about as a songwriter. It’s also adding so much to the live performances. It’s just a really special time for us right now, out here on the road."


The 1975 – Somebody Else

Our favorite British heartthrobs are back and better than ever!  This song has everyone going nuts, including Charlie Puth!  Now this song comes from their new album with the super long title, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.  Yes, it's a mouthfull.

Anyways, this song is so different from their last single, "The Sound."  Where that one was upbeat and happy, "Somebody Else" is pretty darn depressing.  What's even more depressing is the music video as Frontman Matt Healy stumbles around town trying to get over his broken heart.  Obviously, it doesn't end as happily because the entire video deals with self-obsession and isolation.

Even the lyrics are super chilly!

"I don't want your body

But I hate to think about you with somebody else.

Our love has gone cold

You're intertwining your soul with somebody else."



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