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Music You Should Know - Enjoy Your Life
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Blink and you might miss it...


Zedd and Alessia Cara - Stay

This song is given a whole new meaning in their music video, but it's easy to see what the song is about by just looking at the lyrics.  It's about wanting to stay close to someone who makes you feel incredible and loved.  But, life is pulling them in another direction.

However, the music video is about missed chances that, strangely, may have been a blessing in disguise.  The music video explores two realities, where Zedd misses the elevator carrying Alessia, so they go about their everyday life not knowing what they could have had.

Then, the second scenario plays out where Zedd DOES make the elevator.  Sparks fly and they spend the day together riding around in a convertible and laughing at a diner while throwing sugar packets at each other.  However, the day doesn't end on a happy note and Alessia is left crying and pleading for Zedd to "stay."

 Either way, this song is one of the biggest dance hits in the nation.  It also means Zedd is now tied with Calvin Harris over having the 2nd most #1 dance hits (the Chainsmokers obviously top the list.)  Either way, this song is gonna be MAJOR this summer.  Just wait.


Train - Drink Up

Oh, this is the classic Train formula when it comes to making one of their smash hits.  It's got fun lyrics, an upbeat tone, and explores how life is about to get way better.  So, it's no wonder why this song is becoming one of the most-added songs to radio stations around the country.  People need a little positivity right now... and who better to grant that than Train?  

In this song, Train talks about how sometimes you can get in your own way of happiness by dwelling on the not-so-nice-things that happened in the past. 

"Don't regret the things you do, or things you say
Even if you did it for the fame"

Sometimes, you just gotta free yourself up a bit, take a risk, and plunge into new experiences.   Besides, sometimes it's the perfect moment that you may wind up missing.

"This is the night when everything is right
Yeah, when the stars align
This is the night, been waiting all my life
To put your name right next to mine"

Anyways, this song is one heck of an earworm and will get caught in your head once you finish listening to it.  But, it's a good earworm to have.  Because, hey, it's Train and their music is always pretty happy.

So, Drink Up!


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