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Music You Should Know - A Double Dose of Bieber
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Justin Bieber pretty much will have the song of the summer... the question is: which song will it be?


DJ Khaled / Justin Bieber – I’m The One

 This song has broken a couple of records for DJ Khaled.  First of all, this is the first hip hop song to debut at #1 since Eminem's 2010 "Not Afraid" smash hit.  However, this song is also DJ Khaled's first #1 single... ever!  Weird, right?  This guy has been behind some monster songs over the past few years (like "For Free" with Drake, for example.)  But, then again, Justin Bieber just has that magic touch,

I'm The One is Bieber's 4th song to debute at number one, if anyone was counting.

Either way, Bieber is set to do what Pharrell Williams achieved back in 2013, be the guy behind two of the biggest songs of the summer (Blurred Lines and Get Lucky.)  

 The question on everyone's mind though, which song will earn the title this year?  Considering how catchy "I'm the One" is, and also that it shot straight to the #1 spot on the charts and remains in the top 5, chances are this very well could be the one to watch out for.




Luis Fonsi / Justin Bieber – Despacito

Surprising absolutely no one, the 2nd biggest contender for song of the summer also has Justin Bieber's name attatched to it.   However, this song was pretty huge before the Biebs was even affiliated with it.   Luis Fonsi released this song with Puerto Rican rapper, Daddy Yankee, back in January.   The song became an instant hit with remix artists, who proliferated YouTube and Soundcloud with their own versions of the song.

This song also achieved something major, it became the first song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard 100 in over 20 years.  Yes, the last time that happened was with Los Del Rio with "The Macarena."

Could this song be the new Macarena?  Maybe.

Because the song became a monster in April when Justin Bieber got involved, which gave this reggaeton pop song the extra boost it needed to hit charts all over the world, including those elusive English-speaking countries.  

As to why this song has become so successful, Fonsi says "Latinos are known for being happy people" and this song, despite its suggestive undertones, is pretty happy sounding.  It's melodic and can easily blend with other genres of music, so it's multi-faceted, too.

Either way, which song do you think will be crowned song of the summer?


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