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Music You Should Know - Here Are Your Songs of the Summer
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Justin Bieber and Halsey are going head to head for song of the summer... who's gonna win?


Halsey - Now or Never

Halsey's new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, is one of the biggest releases of her career.  It even earned her #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It's already been streamed over 40 MILLION times and it hasn't even been out for a full week.

We got acquianted with Halsey with her minor hit "New Americana," but even then she was selling out Madison Square Garden because her moody songs resonated with disenchanted millennials.  But, once "Closer" came out with The Chainsmokers, she skyrocketed into the mainstream.  Which, obviously, thanks to her clever lyrics and emotional messages, more people learned of her brilliant writing and haunting voice and catapulted her into stardom.

People can't get enough of her!  However, it's yet to be seen if Halsey can keep Katy Perry off from being #1 this week, considering she just released her new ablum, Witness.

But, I think it'll be no contest.  Halsey is brave, new, and wild while many see Katy Perry as someone who is still trying to figure herself out musically.  Halsey knows who she is.  She's a girl who's not afraid to sing about her inner demons and insecurities, and about what helps her cope with them.

Which is why Now or Never comes across as such an emotionally charged song.  Halsey wrote it as a cry for help, which caused her producers to stop and ask if she was okay while she was recording it. 

Halsey said:

"We'd finish the track and then be ready to go, and he'd (Blanco) be like, 'Hey, I heard that thing you sang. Are you OK?'. It was kind of like he was hearing a cry for help in what I was singing, which was cool because it made us bond."

 So, if you need a song to get lost in, Halsey's your girl.  She sells love and heartbreak like a master - and knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings.



David Guetta Ft. Justin Bieber - 2U

And, just when you thought Justin Bieber couldn't become more apparent that he so wants to have this year's song of the summer, he teamed up with hitmaster David Guetta (Titanium) for his latest masterpiece, 2U.  Which, is just as steamy and romantic as "Despacito" and "I'm The One."

But, this collaboration may have been the start of a beautiful new working relationship because Bieber and Guetta hit it off.

As Guetta said:

"Justin has such a unique voice and I have so much respect for his talent but also for his choices. He took some risks reinventing himself lately in such a cool amazing creative way. I'm very proud to finally share a record with him. I feel like '2U' is an incredible combination of emotion energy with a huge melody combined with edgy sounds."

However, this song is pretty deep.  If you listen to the lyrics, between the awesome beats that is, you hear a strangled love story thats charged with intense feelings that can seem a bit overwhelming. 

Which is exactly what Guetta wanted:

"What I'm trying to do here is a combination of emotional parts and the energy of crazy electronic dance beats. That's what I do, and that's what I like. I like making the people dance, but with a tear in their eyes."


So... can this be bigger than Despacito and I'm the One?  Time will only tell...



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