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Gavin Degraw's ready to rock you this Saturday at the Michael's Jewler's Acoustic Session


Gavin Degraw - Making Love With The Radio On

First of all... WOW.  What a song name.  2nd of all, hey!  It's our buddy, Gavin Degraw!  He's out with a new album, Something Worth Saving, which he's incredibly proud of.  Honestly, so are we!  Gavin has always been a unique voice on the radio with his insanely clever lyrics and piercing voice that grabs your attention.  Now, he's out with a new single with a sultry title: Making Love with the Radio On.

While he had the help of some major industry power to write some of his songs on the new album, he wrote this song entirely by himself.  Honestly, this is probably the MOST Gavin Degraw sounding song of his career... and he agrees!

"The song has so much variety and care. There’s so much “feel good” to it and so much Americana—it’s flavorful and happy. It just brings me joy when I sing that song and when I hear it. It’s hitting a lot of little marks, that for me made me happy. It has a little element of reggae in it, a little R&B, a little country, a lot of pop. It just sounds like American music."

But the rest of his new album is a total experience.  As for what that means, let's let Gavin explain:

"There’s so much autobiographical material on this record. Man, some of it, people won’t even know how autobiographical it is. And that’s one of the things I’m excited about it. It’s not like there’s a hidden track, but there’s so much hidden meaning throughout the record, that I’m excited about as a songwriter. It’s also adding so much to the live performances. It’s just a really special time for us right now, out here on the road."



LP - Lost On You

LP is a Julia Michaels of sorts.  They also wrote a ton of music for popular artists, like Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera, and the Backstreet Boys.  Just to name a few.  They've tried since 2001 to get a name for themselves, but it wasn't until Cobalt Music, a Greek record label, took them on.   From there, "Lost on You" became one of the top shazam'd songs in the world.

Before, LP tried unsuccessfully to break into American radio for years.  It wasn't until they tried releasing music on the European side, were they seen as an artist first and a songwriter second.  

LP told Billboard that the way artists get discovered is evolving:

"In this day where the volume of songs is so high and the music outlets have a finite number of spots, getting traction wherever that may be, it's crucial to follow that passion and nurture it. I think my team and I have done that and have seen the growth in such an awesome way. I'm playing Athens to 4,000 people tonight, and just four months ago that would've felt like an impossibility."

LP's "Lost On You" is about a breakup with their ex-girlfiend,  Tamzin Brown.    



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