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 Even more perfect summer jams to complete your beach and pool days.  Plus, someone who reigned supereme in 2004 is making a major comeback!


Ocean Park Standoff – Good News

These guys are so much fun!  Okay, so this is one of the most eclectic mix of people in the music industry.  First up, Ethan Thompson. a classically trained vocalist.  Then, here's Pete Nappi, a producer who drums on the side.  Finally, there's Samantha Ronson, an English DJ living in America - who just so happens to be the sister of Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk.)

So, we're dealing with a super talented trio.

They all met in 2014 for a songwriting session and they magically clicked.  Next thing you know, Ocean Park Standoff was born!   Samantha Ronson says that the group is perfectly balanced, too, "When I get too poetic, or he gets too on-the-nose, we're able to figure out how to make it work."

Samantha says their first song, Good News, is all about "trying to have fireworks for the little things that make you feel good" because things are so out-of-control in the real world.   Because of this, if you check out their website, they share as much good news as possible just to make your day a little brighter.

But Good News has a deeper meaning.  Ronson goes on to explain that the song was inspired by a photo of Ethan Thompson kissing an ex-girlfriend on the beach, but the photo isn't as romantic as it appears.

"'It looks so romantic, but really they were fighting and Ethan kissed her to shut her up. It made me think about how easy it is to romanticize certain situations when the reality was completely different, and how we don't have pictures that really show the bad times."



Robin Schult (ft. James Blunt) - OK

One of the best DJs in the world, along with one of the most successful, has teamed up with the iconic James Blunt for a whirlwind of a song with catchy beats and fun lyrics.  Not only that, these two became immediate friends when working on this song, that's why it sounds the way it does.  Honest. 

When asked about German DJ Robin Schult, James Blunt ecstatically said:

“I’ve had many great nights in Ibiza clubs listening to the very talented Robin Schulz DJ’ing, so this collaboration is very exciting for me."

The feeling was totally mutual, too, with Schult saying it was great working with Blunt.  Schult also said this song was intended to be a perfect summer addition to our playlists.  And, honestly, it is. 

The song is whimsical, fun, cool, and catchy as heck.  With Schult's remixing skills paired with Blunt's unique vocals, you get a song that's unlike anything else out there. The two channel an Aviicii-like vibe which resonated extremely well with critics.  Most rated the song favorably with some calling it one of the best collaborations of 2017. 

True, this song is a major departure from Blunt's 2004 hit, "You're Beautiful," but the exact concoction which made that song timeless is easily channeled into "OK."  So, safe to say we'll be hearing this song for years to come.



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