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Music You Should Know - Feelings... the Remix
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If yo're happy and you know it listen to Andy Grammer!  If you're sad and you know it listen to Katy Perry!


Katy Perry - Save to Draft

Is this Katy Perry's most relateable song?  It is!  Yes, even critics are saying this is a song anyone can relate to.  Because who hasn't written a blog post?

Yep, that's exactly what the song is about.  But the content is a little more compelx than that.  Because, it talks about the insecurities people feel when writing a blog post that might be seen as controversial or, you know, vulnerable.

In the song, Katy laments over what she thinks the people might think about her post and expresses anxiety over the comments she might get.  She wants to provide amazing content for her readers, but she also knows they expect certain things from her.

Also, people feel her lyrics also apply to a dying relationship, where you want to say something but you're afraid it might have more unintended consequences than benefits.

However, it's how Katy sang the song is what's really getting people.  She comes across as strong and confident in the beginning of the chours.  But, once she reaches its end, she sounds breathy and frail.  Which, goes to show just how insecurity eats away at you.

I write it, erase it, repeat it,

But what good will it do to reopen the wound?

So I take a deep breath

And I save as draft.”



Andy Grammer - Give Love

Okay, who doesn't get excited when Andy Grammer releases new music?  It's always so happy and catchy.  Plus, it can be downright inspirational.  And that's exactly what this new tune is all about.  Because he's singing about the mantra he's repeated throughout life.

"Give Love" is something his mother always told him to do.  Instead of getting angry or fighting back, show kindness and love.  Who knows, the person might secretly need it!

 And, this song is Andy's way of giving us, his fans, some love.  It's bouncy, it's colorful, and it sure brings a smile to your face!  He said:

"If it does its job of being a summer jam, it should make you smile and shake your ass at the same time, like any truly good summer jam does. It was inspired by my sweet mother who gave more love to the world than anyone I've ever met."




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