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Music You Should Know - The Power of the P!
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Surprise!  And you thought you'd seen the last of them.  Well, Pink and Phillip Phillips are here for the long haul!


Pink - What About Us

Pink is lunging back into the music world with her brand new 7th album, Beautiful Trauma, in hand. It'll hit the shelves on October 13th.  And, already, her music is making waves we haven't seen on the charts since Taylor Swift dropped "Shake It Off."  However, in Pink's 17-year career, we should expect this kind of reaction by now.  Whenever she launches new music, you can hear the sonic boom all over the world.  Which is why, out of all the artists to come out during the 2000's, she remains the most powerful with the most top ten Hot 100 hits.  15, so far, in all.

Pink's new song is wildly passionate, intimate, and emotional.  It also wields the power of interpretation, as it can be applied to many instances from personal relationships to the current political calamity in the world. 

Johnny McDaid,who co-wrote the song with Pink, refused to reveal what the song is actually about.  However, his ability to weave words and feelings into one powerful force definitely help boost Pink's "Us" into a whole new emotional realm.  McDaid was able to showcase that ability with Ed Sheeran's 'Photograph.'  So, whatever raw and bombastic feelings Pink already dumped into the lyrics, McDaid was totally on board on bringing it to the next level.

This song, like most of Pink's new releases, is a small departure from her previous material.  This song explore the empowerment ballads that seem to be permeating the music charts, but she takes that aesthetic and makes it her own.  It's her honesty and genuine sound that really drives this song home, so when she pleads, "We were willing, we came when you called / But man, you fooled us, enough is enough" you can't help but feel exactly what she's feeling.

In short: welcome back, Pink!  We sure missed you!


Phillip Phillips - Miles

It's been a few years since Double-P's fight with his record label.  But, now that the dust has settled, he's picking himself back up and launching into the next phase of his career with a brand new single! The American Idol Season 11 winner won't let his career be tanked by greedy executives and red tape.

He sued his label, 19 Entertainment, because they embroiled him in an "oppressive" work enviornment, which apparently affected his sophomore album, Behind the Light.   The lawsuit, much like what happened with Kesha when she took Sony to court, shelved his career for the better part of three years.  Which also threatened his rising star because the music industry brings in and spits out new artists like a machine.

But, now with the legal drama behind him, Phillip had this to say about his new music:

"It has been a tough three years, but it feels so good to have this song out. We have so much more to come. [...] every artist says it's their best to date on every album, but this is some deep, emotional lyrics and melodies and I just really feel like I've grown a lot these past few years. I've gone through a few things -- some amazing things, some not so amazing. I draw a lot of inspiration from that so I'm really excited about getting it out."

As for what to expect with his new music, well, let's get it straight from the source:

"There’s a little bit of R&B and blues on this album, and a few more rock songs, but still pop. It's just very emotional, a more emotional meaning towards a lot of these songs. Some of them might sound like a relationship between a man and a woman, but it's not. I have my own meanings, but I want people to have their own meanings towards them."






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