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Imagine Dragons and Demi Lovato want to scream and shout about their feelings this week


Imagine Dragons - Thunder

After "Believer" comes "Thunder."  It's the second single off their third studio album, Evolve and it's poised to be just as massive as their first single.  It has the powerful vocals, the chanting, and the musical concotion that pumps you up!  Even critics love this song!

Rusty's Music describes Thunder as a "mindlessly catchy earworm of a percussive hip-pop tune that the local NBA basketball team would be foolish not to use at their games this season."

 That's a good reason why Thunder was one of the most streamed songs of the summer!  Who wouldn't want to put this song on during a BBQ or an intense match of beach volleyball?  The song is the perfect backdrop if you want a fun yet intense song to really bolster the mood!

And with fall sports underway, you bet teams all over are cranking up Thunder to get them in the fighting spirit.


Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato - No Promises

You can thank Cheat Codes' fans for making this magic happen.  Cheat Codes, a DJ trio, performed with Demi Lovato last year in Brazil, and their fans went nuts!  They constantly begged for another collaboration.  And, Cheat Codes listened!  They said they had "No Promises" already written and they just needed to find an artist to sing it.  And they knew Demi would be the perfect person to do it!

Matthew Russell said Demi is the true reason why this song is doing so well"

"The thing with Demi is, the reason her vocals sound so good is because she’s singing from a real place of personal experience, and that’s kind of why we wanted her on the song."

Then, once the song was done, they debuted this song at Beyond Wonderland without announcing it as a single - and the crowd there went BALLISTIC! 

Russell said, "That was the first time we’d ever played it and everybody loved it -- I remember a lot of people remembering that moment as one of their favorite moments of that day. That’s a good indicator for us."

And this intense song is also a good pick me up anthem, too.  It's fast paced, exciting, and the powerful vocals really fire you up!




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