Music You Should Know - Waiting for That Next Album!

We can't wait for Taylor Swift's and U2's new albums!!


Taylor Swift - Ready for It?

 We all know Taylor Swift is in the middle of reinventing herself.  However, she's doing a very good job at keeping us frothing at the mouth over her little "hints."  Personally, I don't think she's going on a darker/Hot Topic persona.  Actually, I think she's just embracing who she is and is setting the record straight. 

Ready for It has fans thinking she's poking fun at the media for portraying her as a maneater.  However, she did that with "Blank Space" just fine and Taylor doesn't strike me as someone who would repeat the same song.  So, I think this is her embracing her maneating image and having fun with it. Plus, maybe she's comparing the relationship she had with her previous image to the disasterious marriage between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  Talk about awesome metaphors!

Honestly, I think Taylor has reached a point in her career where she can freely be herself.  She no longer has to market herself to fit a role that people expect her to play.  Yes, she's still a person who speaks her mind, but she's no longer going to allow herself to be a doormat, as evidenced by how she stood up for herself at that infamous groping trial.

So, I think "Ready for It" is her way of asking fans if they're ready to see the true Taylor.  And also warning them that she doesn't mind if they don't like what they get.  Because she can live off her career and never put out another single again for the rest of her life, meaning, she has nothing to lose. 

And, even if this theory is wrong - I still think this new Taylor is closer to the real thing than what we've seen before.  You do, you, Tay!

Reputation drops November 10th.


U2 - You're The Best Thing About Me

 For a song that sounds so upbeat and happy, U2 certainly knows how to pull the wool over our eyes. Under the infectious beat, Bono's falsetto, and melodic guitar strings lays a story about romantic dissatisfaction.  I know, if you don't pay attention to the lyrics you'd never know that's really what the song's about.  But, amazingly, the lyrics are kinda dark and heartbreaking if you listen very closely.  Or, just look at these lyrics and be amazed!

"I'll be crying out, how bad can a good time be?
Shooting off my mouth, that's another great thing about me
I have everything, but I feel like nothing at all
You're the best thing about me
the best things are easy to destroy."

 U2 is gearing up for the release of their new album “Songs of Experience,” which is scheduled to arrive Dec. 1.  But, you'll be hearing this song plenty of times until then.