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Music You Should Know - Compassion Is Sexy
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Image Credit: Connoisseur Media / Steve Soyland

Rachel Platten and The Killers say there's absolutely nothing wrong with helping others when they're down.


Rachel Platten - Broken Glass

She says this is the next song in the chapter of her story, which started with "Fight Song."  Even though she has two subsequent hits under her belt with "Stand By You" and "Better Place," "Broken Glass" tackles an entirely different entity.   Here's what she told Time about what inspired the lyrics:

"I was at the Women’s March; it was so beautiful to see women standing up for each other in a world where we’re often encouraged to compete with one another. I know I do it too: I’ll look around and get jealous of people who have things that I don’t have. I’m working on it. But I feel like this year encouraged us to recognize that when we're standing up for each other, that’s how we’re unstoppable. That’s how we break down walls. And also I just wanted to make a song for my strong girlfriends, and the amazing line of women that I come from."

Rachel wanted to create another girl power anthem, that became an overarching theme  throughout 2017 with Kesha's "Praying," and Julia Michaels' "Issues."  Rachel wants to see a world where women aren't pitted against each other because she knows all the wonderful things they're capable of when united.

As for what she hopes to achieve in her career, her answer couldn't have been anymore classy:

"I want to bring a little more consciousness and light to the industry. And a little bit more sticking up for one another and supporting one another, artists coming together to help answer some of the questions we’re all asking right now."


The Killers - The Man

 For a band that still has a charting hit 13 years after releasing it, these guys sure know how to make a timeless sounding song.  The Killers don't want to follow the formula of making conventional hits that dry up within a month, they want substance.  But, also, they want to have fun while doing it.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. explains what inspired "The Man:"

"[It's] largely about how when we were younger we felt invincible. What it meant to be a 'man' in your 20's. Sort of your chest out, the breadwinner, nothing could stop you, invincible sort of thing. It's sort of tongue-and-cheeking that, how that is not really the point of being a man at all. It’s actually more about compassion and empathy."

Their new record, Wonderful Wonderful, includes a myriad of songs and sounds that vary in theme, content, and experience.  Each song is meant to make you feel different as you flip through the track. 

he band's vocalist Brandon Flowers, says "The Man" became a perfect addition to their lineup:

"Those songs came and it was like, 'These are more tender or contemplative than we've ever been, how did we get to this point?' Reflecting on that was where "The Man" came from."

Considering this is their first album in 5 years, of course they wanted to shake things up a bit.  These guys, for a small band out of Nevada who sold 22 million albums, more than some of the biggest names in the music industry, they still refused to play into the formula.   These guys will be around for years to come, guarantee it.




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