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Music You Should Know - Trying New Things
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Lights and OneRepublic had no fear turning over a new leaf in their musical careers to explore a new way to write music!  And it paid off!


Lights - Giants

 This might be the first time you've heard about Lights, but she's been in the music scene for awhile.  Two of her records, The Listening and Siberia, were certified Gold!  Also, she's had several singles make it onto the radio. However, this girl refuses to stop touring and promoting her work - and she'll continue to kick down the door.  She's an artist many can look up to for someone who's not afraid to reinvent themselves or pursue new angles in their career to broaden their own horizons.  Lights does it effortlessly, but she does it for the fun of it!  I mean, how many artists can pretend to be their own character?

Yes, Lights isn't only a singer and songwriter, she's also an acclaimed comic book artist!  She has her own comic book series, "Skin & Earth," which follows her character Enaia Jin as she navigates through a dystopian future.  I have the comic and I can tell you, it's pretty dang amazing.  And, yes, Lights taught herself how to draw, write comics, and do everything BY HERSELF.  Talk about an insane drive.

"Giants" is the first part of Light's new album, which also shares the same name as her comic series.  The song title was inspired by a phrase found on British currency: "And we will ride on the shoulders of giants."

Hope to see more from Lights and to see what she does next!  She's definitely not going anywhere.


OneRepublic featuring Seeb – Rich Love

OneRepublic is also turning over a new leaf by jumping head first into a pool of dubstep and EDM music.  And, they brought Seeb with them to complete the journey.  If you need to know who Seeb are, they're a Norwegian electronic trio who remixed Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza."   But, this isn't the first time these two collaborated, they also remixed OneRepublic's "Kids."

We can't ignore how music is rapidly changing to be more electronic and produced, and OneRepublic wants to adapt with the times.  With "Rich Love," they create a warm symphony with a tropical drop, fooling even the most causal listener to think someone just remixed summer! It's no wonder why this song is called "Pleasing pop."  It's like candy for your ears!

Plus, OneRepublic's masterful way of weaving lyrics also means you'll be singing along to this song in no time.

So, they are trying something new, but they aren't afraid to dive head first!






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