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Music You Should Know - Pursuing a Solo Career
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Camila Cabello and Zayn want to leave their 5th Harmony and 1D days behind them.  Can they have successful solo careers?


Camila Cabello – Havana

She's 20 and ready to break out into the music world on her own.  And she's doing an amazing job carving a name out for herself.    With singles "Crying in the Club" and "Havana," it looks like she'll do just fine without 5th Harmony.  They did hand her all the parts in the song that required belting it out, so this vocal powerhouse is capitalizing on her skills.

For "Havana," Camila is bringing back the old glory days of Hollywood.  By incoporating 50's themes into her song, she pens a powerful love letter to her hometown Cojimar, just outside Havana, Cuba.  Sure, this song sounds like a whirlwind romance, but Camila is just playing up what Americans have seen Cuba as for the past 60 years - a place of passion and adventure.  Basically, she's saying these tropes are outdated and people need to see Cuba for what it truly is - a beautiful country that's rich in culture and worth respecting.

Cuba suffered under years of embargo passed in the 60's, but former President Obama lifted them in 2014.  Cuba is free to flourish and find its heart and culture again - and Camila is doing the same thing.  She felt tied down by her old contract with 5th Harmony and now she wants to explore what she wants to do with her music!


ZAYN featuring Sia – Dusk Till Dawn

 ZAYN is still trying to shed his old reputation from One Direction and after trying to do the solo thing, he's been teaming up with artists to help craft his sound.  He partnered with PartyNextDoor, Taylor Swift, and now Sia!  So, you can bet he's been given some sound advice on how not to fall under Nial Horan's or Harry Styles' shadow.

He even admits that to W Magazine that his time with other artists definitely improved his ability to create his own music.

 “I feel like my songwriting definitely developed.  Just because I’ve been doing it so much. I feel like the songs are a bit more organized, where I felt like, before, that Mind of Mine was a brainstorm. That’s why I called it Mind of Mine, because it was ideas that I had that I put out. This one is more thought out. I had more time to process everything and go through it all. It’s an evolution.”

 Before, he quit 1D and immediately came out with his own song "PILLOWTALK," which, unfortunately, streaked across the sky like a meteor and was never to be seen or heard from again.  Now, he knows to take it slow and to let his ability as an artist to grow.  So, he's surrounding himself with people who know a thing or two about staying relevant and original, all while having fun at the same time.

 So what do you think?  Is Dusk Till Dawn better than PILLOWTALK?  Let me know in the comments below!




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