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Music You Should Know: It's a Bad Romance
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Halsey and Charlie Puth have a lot in common... their hearts were broken too many times to count.


Halsey - Bad at Love

Halsey brings us back a couple of years to when Tove Lo sang "Habits," and everyone commented on the torment and pain in her voice.  Halsey channels that same rage and self loathing in her newest song, "Bad at Love."  She sings about all her past relationships, especially those when she thought she found "the one."  But, she then details what went wrong in each in every one of them: her.  So, she concludes that she's unloveable because she's bad at love.

She said as she wrote the song she was, “going through one by one in my head thinking about each individual relationship and what I did to f*ck it up."  So,  you can imagine how she felt as she wrote this heartfelt song. 

The lyrics do tug at the heartstrings because we've ALL felt this way after a horrible break up, don't lie.

"I'm bad at love

But you can't blame me for tryin'.

You were the one

That could finally fix me

Lookin' at my history

I'm bad at love."


Charlie Puth - How Long

If you ever experienced feelings of paranoia when you start to suspect your significant other is being faithful, this song perfectly captures those feelings.  But, when those feelings are turned on you!  Charlie Puth starts off the song admitting that he messed up, but also sings about the accusations his lover threw at him.

"She said, "Boy, tell me honestly

Was it real or just for show?", yeah

She said, "Save your apologies

Baby, I just gotta know"

How long has this been goin' on?

You been creepin' 'round on me

While you callin' me "baby"

How long has this been goin' on?"


So this song is all about a breakup waiting to happen, and what it sounds like, the relationship he destroyed was super serious.  And he really REALLY regrets that he destroyed it.





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