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Raven's Choice Pet Pet Pal: Copilot KeKe!
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CoPilot KeKe is a 12 year old Teacup Yorkie who will literally go everywhere you want to take her- a walk, a ride. errands- you name it she is in! She loves people and other dogs, food and napping. She is still working on house training reinforcement and 8/10times she is perfect.  She is spayed, microchipped, and is ready for a forever home.  She loves other dogs and people. Her vision in right eye is not amazing, but it doesn't limit her. She loves to jump up and hang out with you.

Ask about KeKe at Red Leash Rescue in Norawalk!  You can also visit her on the Red Leash Rescue website or by calling 203-658-7787!

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