Daily Dish: Oprah is Lindsay's New Mom- Kind of.

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Ryan Murphy the creator of Glee has spoken out saying that they are pushing back the start of production about two weeks and the premiere of the show in September will only be pushed back one week- Of course, this is because of the tragic death of Cory Monteith- What I thought was really brave was that Ryan Murphy asked Lea Michele what she wanted to do and she said they needed to get back to work- She said the crew and staff had mortgages to pay, families to feed and they all needed each other right now.  He went on to say that she’s being incredibly brave.  There’s talk that they might use some old footage so that he won’t actually die until the third episode of the season- There’s a lot of discussion still about that and whether his family is comfortable with that idea.  Read more about the future of Glee here.  


Geraldo Rivera took a break from tweeting about world news to post a nude picture of himself- that he took of himself to his Twitter account with the caption “70 is the new 50”… Wow.  Enjoy this ladies (she says sarcastically)... 


Oprah is reportedly paying Lindsay Lohan about $2 million dollars to kind of be her mentor after she gets out of rehab.  They film and document the whole thing which obviously will become of a series of shows for her terrible OWN network- Instead of thinking it’s weird that someone else has to parent your kid, Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan thinks it’s the greatest thing ever… Watch them praise Oprah with this TMZ interview, click here. 

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