People Having a Worse Week Than You- Reporter's Worst Nightmare

It's Friday- Maybe you've had a great week, maybe not so much... but for the most part these people have had a worst week than you!


A Hamden man was caught eating tons of Shop Rite sushi while wandering through the grocery store- then stole more boxes of it and got into a physical altercation with a security guard in the parking lot.  He then stole the security guards radio and took off.  He is a grocery store sushi thief… and he’s on the run.  Your life could be so low that  you’re stealing sushi from Shop Rite.  Read more about this ridiculous story here.  


A 20-year-old student at Quinnipiac was minding his business this past Saturday night- walking past a dorm when some idiot threw a chair out the fourth story window and it hit them in the head.  The student was brought to Yale New Haven to be treated. This has to be the worst.  Just minding your own business and get hit with a falling chair? That's the sign of a crappy week.  More about the incident here.  (Oh, and we hope they are okay!)


This would certainly ruin my week- a Detroit news reporter Lauren Podell was on location at a serious fire to report- and she didn’t know her mic was on- There were some technical difficulties... then she dropped the "f" bomb and it went over the air live... Oops.  Click here to watch it happen.