Big Jim and Anna Show- What You Missed November 18th, 2013


On Friday over 7000 people gathered in San Francisco to witness five-year-old Miles Scott be “Batkid” and have his Make-A-Wish dream come true. Miles has been fighting Leukemia since he was just 18 months old. He wanted to be “Batkid” and save Gotham. Everyone participated and it included well wishes from all the previous actor’s that played Batman and even from President Barack Obama. Miles dressed up as a mini Batman and arrived in a black Lamboughini that served as the Batmobile and helped stop The Riddler. It was moving and beautiful and made us love America even more.

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Lady Gaga was on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, she was the host and the musical guest. She made fun of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian- but more importantly, she made fun of herself. She did a great job (much better than her new album seems to be doing) and critics are saying it may have been the best episode of the season to date.

Alec Baldwin has had a rough week- First he was dragged through court with his stalker trial- which he actually won- but in his anger, he threw a homophobic slur at one of the paparazzi They suspended his show because of it- Even though he says he didn’t really say it, there’s about a million video cameras that caught it on tape. So to prove he’s not a homophobe he called his hair dresser- who happens to be gay to tell the media he’s not anti-gay. Seems strange, don’t you think?

Triple Shot of Espresso with all the news you need to know for the day- 3. Vermont father charged after making his sons walk home after crash. 2. Fat baby in Indonesia has stopped smoking cigarettes, but now is obessed with junk food. 1. Tornados in the mid-west Listen to the stories here:

A 49 year old man from Kansas City used his season tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs and traded them to someone on Craigslist for an engagement ring for his girlfriend- Does it matter where your engagement ring comes from? We had an epic debate!

Courtney Honda 7:40a Couple’s Court- enter image description here Jeanine called in because she believes her boyfriend Rich may be stepping out on her because he openly flirted with the waitress at a local restaurant in front of her- Then she heard the waitresses talking in the bathroom about how “that guy is always flirting with them”- He says he does it for the free appetizers and drinks- The jury went with Jeanine, the consensus is that Rich was being in appropriate and he had to stop. Free appetizers or not.

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