Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Monday, 11/25/13




Bill Gozzi from Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford joined us on the show this morning to talk about his famous rainbow colored turkeys that thousands of people visit every year- Did he give us the secret and fill us in on how they became so colorful?! Well, no.  But he did say that everyone can come visit them and that they still have turkeys available if you’re waiting last minute to get your turkey!  Click here to check out their Facebook page.



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The American Music Awards were last night in LA hosted by Pitbull and here’s what you need to know-

Taylor Swift was the big winner of the night with three awards including artist of the year, this is the third time she’s won the top award more than any other artist.  She talked about how 13 is her lucky number:

Everyone usually assumes that Miley Cyrus will have the most controversial performance of the night- but she was pretty tame- She had a lip synching cat meme  behind her but it was Katy Perry’s performance that might be the most controversial of the night- She sang Unconditionally dressed in full Geisha gear which caused Twitter to blow up with people saying it was racist.  She wore a kimono and had a cherry blossom adorned microphone. 

Rihanna won the first ever icon award- Her mother presented her with the award.  She’s 25 years-old, do we really think she deserves the first ever icon award?! She was gracious in her speech though and thanked her mother.  

Sarah Silverman presented the award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album.  And she wasted no time making it racial.  But everybody else was already thinking the same thing.  (She points out that the nominees were Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Rihanna . . . two privileged white guys who grew up in show business, and a woman of color from a poor Caribbean nation.  She says she doesn't know who will win, but she knows who will find it ironic if she loses.  And of course Justin Timberlake won. 



Cell Phones on Planes?

Big Jim and Anna debated whether people should have the option to use their cell phones on airplanes.  Big Jim thinks it’s the worst idea because he’s sure he’ll get stuck next to people who will be talking the entire time.  Anna thinks that if it’s not a security risk, you should have the option. Read more about it here.  


Courtney Honda 7:40a Couple’s Court

Collette thinks that her boyfriend Jake is using her father as an excuse as to why he wants to break up with her.  He says that he Dad is intimidating, makes him drink and he wants nothing to do with her or her crazy family.  Can we determine whether he really wants it to be over with her or with her family?!  Ultimately, the audience decided that he has every reason to stop dating her if he wants- and that yes, her dad is nutty.  


Kmart Commercial-

Everyone’s fired up about this Kmart commercial.  Is it “inappropriate”? Our audience was pretty adamant that there wasn’t anything wrong with it- but there were a ton of Facebook comments saying that it was wrong for children to see this commercial.  Check it out:


Triple Shot of Espresso

Here’s what you need to know for the day-

  1. Sandy Hook Report to be released.  More here.
  2. Long Island Deli owners trying to scam lottery winner.  All about that here.
  3. Could we have terrible weather for Thanksgiving?  Maybe.  Click here for info.