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Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes, Wednesday, 12/18

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show?  Here's what happened today... 


Holiday Helpers: Thanksgiving Accident

A Stratford, Connecticut family faced tragedy this past Thanksgiving when their father/husband was hit by a driver.  He sustained multiple injuries and is still in the hospital.  Several people who love them nominated them.  We were able to provide Sports Center of CT gift cards for the children, toys, groceries, gift cards to eat out and new bikes for the children because their bikes were stolen recently. 


Honda of Westport 7:40a Couple’s Court: Take the Kids!

Brittany wants to take her sister to Mexico for her birthday.  Her husband Dan says that it’s fine for her to go but she has to take their children with them because he doesn’t want to take the time off from work.  The audience decide that he has to suck it up and watch the kids- She needs a break too.  


Triple Shot of Info Espresso

Big Jim counts down the three biggest stories of the day to get you in the know.

  1. The winning Mega Million numbers are... HERE.
  2.  Blind man survives fall onto train tracks with dog.  More here.
  3. Tourist distracted by Facebook falls off pier.  Ridiculous story here.


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Jennifer Lawrence will be featured on Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People" special tonight on ABC. She talks a lot about body image and how the media shouldn't be allowed to call people fat.  



Entertainment Weekly just picked its best and worst song lyrics of 2013.  The number one worst lyric was from "Blurred Lines", where Robin Thicke sings "What rhymes with 'hug me'?"  The best lyric is from Lorde and is "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh, cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies and I'm not proud of my address... In the torn up town, no post code envy.   


The season finale of "The Voice" was last night, and it came down to three finalists: Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, and Jacquie Lee.  The winner was . . .Tessanne Chin from Adam's team.  Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic wrote Tessanne Chin's first single, "Tumbling Down."  Here's Tessanne trying to sing it after she won.



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A family in Raleigh, North Carolina named the Holderness family put together a YouTube video to the tune of Will Smith's song "Miami."  It's called "Xmas Jammies," and it's the cutest thing Anna has seen all year.  All the lyrics are about the family wearing their "jammies."


A comedian that does prank videos on YouTube has a new one where he sits next to people who are having conversations on their cell phones... pretends that he's on HIS phone and is basically answering the coversation that the stranger is having.  It takes a few seconds for people to catch on- but it's very funny:



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