Daily Dish: John Mayer Gets Back at Taylor Swift- Epic

We all know that Taylor Swift wrote that song “Dear John” and basically bashes Fairfield’s John Mayer. She’s actually well known for writing songs about guys she dates, but it looks like she might be getting some of her own medicine- John Mayer’s new song Paper Dolls is supposedly about her- Interestingly enough it has lines saying “you’re like 22 girls in one”-which is possibly a reference to her song 22- It talks about her not knowing what she’s running from- and possibly the most telling line he sings is “someone’s gonna paint you another sky” which is probably a response to her line in “Dear John that says “you paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain”- But despite all this, the absolute best part of the entire video of the new song is that he has a super celebrity host the lyrics videos- It’s our Queen Johanna Rohrback- She prancercizes or I should say “romanticizes” to the song. It’s fabulous. Enjoy this video... It's everything you've ever dreamed of...

Justin Bieber hit a photographer with his white Ferrari on Monday when he was leaving a comedy club in LA. Apparently he motioned for the swarm of photographer’s to move, but they didn’t listen and he pinned one between his car and a parked car. Then he took off. But police said they’re still investigating and it’s not a hit and run. He has been cleared of all the charges. enter image description here

Katy Perry admits that she hasn’t heard from her ex Russel Brand since he sent her a text on December 31, 2011 saying that he was divorcing her. She says that she’s still in love with John Mayer and all she can say about him is that he has a beautiful mind and a tortured soul- She also said she has to figure out why she’s attracted to these broken birds. Get the whole store here. enter image description here