Daily Dish: Kourtney Kardashian Faces Custody Claims... and More!

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Oprah made a pretty big accusation to Entertainment Tonight about a retail store that she went to in Zurich while she was there for Tina Turner’s wedding- She says that the saleswoman refused to show her a bag because it was too expensive.  She clearly had no idea who she was. Basically, Oprah felt that she was being discriminated against for being African American and felt that the sales clerk refused to show her the bag because it cost $40k and assumed she couldn’t afford it.  Even though Oprah says she refused to name the store it has come out that it’s a high end boutique called “Trois Pomme”- The store’s owner has come forward and apologized saying it was a misunderstanding and that the store isn’t equipped with facial recognition equipment. Watch the full video here.


Kourtney Kardashian who is usually considered the one with her head most on her shoulders is being accused of lying about who’s her baby’s daddy. Now, of course everyone knows that Scott Disick is supposedly the father of her two children, but a model named Michael Girgenti has slapped her with a paternity suit saying that he was with her nine months before Mason was born and he thinks he’s his dad.  He filed suit for joint custody of the 3-year-old and she may have to take a dna test.  She says she never hooked up with him and that it’s all a publicity stunt. 


Chris Brown had a seizure over the weekend and he’s blaming it on emotionalstress, and negativity.  He refused treatment initially but did see his doctor later in the day and it was released that the seizure was a result of intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and nonstop negativity.  To that I say stop getting involved in hit and runs, stop getting into fights with other rappers and attempt to stay out of the news.  Of course with all this his new album comes out later this month and he says that he’s 23, he hangs out with a lot of bad people and a lot of good people but everything’s a learning process, he’s just trying to move forward and learn from mistakes.