Daily Dish: Gia Allemand, Prince and Duck Dynasty

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Bachelor star 29 year-oldGia Allemand died yesterday from an apparent suicide.  She was found by her boyfriend NBA player Ryan Anderson on Monday and finally removed from life support yesterday.  Her boyfriend released a statement Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out, and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile. Get the full story here.  For info on finding help on depression check out this site.  



Prince has finally joined 2013 and is now on Twitter.  His first tweet, in all caps, one of my biggest pet peeves read: “PRINCES 1ST TWEET… TESTING 1, 2”- Then his second tweet, also in all caps read “PRINCES 2ND TWEET”, then his third… again in all caps read “DID EYE ADD 2 MUCH PEPPER”  and he attached a picture of his salad. If you want to see him tweet pics of salad, follow him @3rdeyegirl 



A & E’s Duck Dynasty will continue.  The clan got approval for a huge raise that puts them making $200,000 an episode.  There’s actually 9 adults and 11 kids total so that doesn’t seem that unreasonable- It’s also about five times more than they were making last season.