Daily Dish: Ben Affleck is Batman... and Everyone's Fired Up- and More!

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Ben Affleck has been named as the new Batman in the new Superman movie "Man of Steel".  Then the internet went nuts.  People are all kind of furious because after his terrible super hero portrayal in Dardevil, lots of people feel he won't be able to cut it as Batman.  I think he'll be great- He made Argo.  Enough said.  More here.

Kelly Clarkson has some pretty big news yesterday- She says that she and her fiancée Brandon Blackstone have decided to call off their big wedding and they’re going to elope.  They originally had planned to have a big wedding at the end of October but she says they’re too busy to plan it and with all the media attention since the Save the Date’s were sent, she feels she’d rather just have it be her, Brandon, and his two kids.  More here! 


MTV Music Awards are Sunday- They’re the best awards because the nuttiest stuff happens at them- This one looks like it’s going to be great- Miley Cyrus is performing- You know she’s going to twerk, reports are that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are sitting next to each other which should be awkward since Katy just whooped her in sales this week- Speaking of Gaga, she’s performing for the first time since her hip surgery… You know Kanye West will have a melt down- … and of course an NSYNC reunion supposedly. We want this to happen: