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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Wednesday, 8/6/14

Miss any of The Big JIm and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with the abbreviated version of the show- Our Cliff Notes! 

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An eight-year-old cancer patient named Grady Lynch posted a video online to invite Adam Sandler to a barbecue at his house.  Adam saw it, and gave Grady a call on the phone- A phone call?  He couldn't have done something a little better?


The right way to celebrate a fan is the way Taylor Swift does it- She showed up at a children’s hospital and visited a six-year-old fan with cancer- They then sang together… Also, she ran into a fan in NYC who told her it was her birthday and they were on their way to Chiptole for lunch- So Taylor went into her purse and gave the woman $90 to buy her lunch.  





This kid is apparently the best thing I’ve seen on the web all week.  A five-year-old kid named Noah Ritter got interviewed by a local news reporter at the Wayne County Fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania the other day. His use of "apparently" is the best thing... ever.  




Ruben says that his wife Marie goes out six times a year with her friends and gets too drunk.  He believes as a mother, it's time to cut it out and just stay home.  She argues that he gets to go out, why should her life end- and plus, it's only a few times a year- What's the big deal?  The audience agreed with Marie.  It's only a few times a year and she deserves to have her freedom too.



The three stories that Big Jim thinks you should know about today-

1.  Russians may have your passwords.

2.  Bacon prices rising.

3.  60 sec drive through for McDonalds

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