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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Thursday, 8/7/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with our Cliff Notes, the abbreviated version of what happened on the show today!

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There's a new petition on, asking that "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC headline this year's Super Bowl halftime show.  Weird Al could perform . . . alongside the people he's parodying. So think about it- his new album has parodies of Imagine Dragons, Pharrell, Lorde oh, and how about this… Iggy Azalea- Then you can mix classics like this and have Madonna…  We're into this.



Yesterday morning in Perth, Australia, a guy's leg became wedged between a train and a platform at the train station during rush hour. The commuters freed him- Watch how it happens! 



Twenty-year-old man in Michigan set out to have the biggest rave that his state has ever seen… and he did.  Over 2000 people showed up at his house and it was pure chaos.  Taylor's party reportedly featured 2 DJs, plus fire-throwers, go-go dancers, and strippers.  Police were so worried that them showing up at the party would cause more problems because of a mad dash to cars and running away that they just let the party happen- there were allegations of rampant underage drinking, multiple drug overdoses, and one sexual assault- So, what does this 20-year-old have to say about it?

Would he have the party again?  




Ricky says that he and his wife are expecting their fourth child.  He thinks this time around she should skip the epidural.  He says it makes the process too long and that the baby comes out drugged.  She says that he doesn't get a say in how she has the baby until he can push one out himself.  The audience very much agreed with Michelle.  He doesn't get a say in whether she chooses medication for her delivery.  

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